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We are obsessed with empowering women to rise and thrive!

Our passion is in transformation and collaboration, so we work on amazing projects with other magical female coaches and mentors around the world to bring you an array of fabulousness in the shape of books, radio, and TV!

All of the resources we create are intended to spark that forgotten magic within you, so you can stand in your power and thrive in life.

You can read one of our awesome multi author books, listen to our incredible radio shows, and soon you can watch us on TV as we bring the woo to women’s empowerment through your television!

If you are a coach / mentor and you would love to join our mission you can email hello@shespeaks.media.

We would LOVE to see you in our community and know you will enjoy the wisdom of our incredible collective as they speak their truth into our resources, so you can speak yours!

Tons of love

Leanne MacDonald – Founder & Spiritual Coach

‘When sleeping women wake, mountains move, and we are moving mountains!’


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About our founder:

Leanne MacDonald is a Spiritual Transformation Coach and founder of The Everyday Goddess Revolution. She works with women from all around the world, helping them to find their voice, awaken their confidence and recognise their true divine nature of pure potential. Leanne is extremely passionate about cheerleading women, guiding them back to their truth and supporting to live life without fear or limitations.

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