by Leanne MacDonald, Spiritual Transformation Coach and Author of ‘Awaken The Everyday Goddess’

The less rules you have the more joy and opportunity you tap into…

How many rules do you live your life by?

How many requirements need to be met before something is acceptable to you?

You probably will not be aware of a vast majority of these rules, they are just there, set and filtering your experience of life.

Our life rules create our life experience.

But they also MASSIVELY limit our life experience.

What do you tell yourself has to be happening in your life for you to be happy? Life rule.

What does your partner have to do before you believe they love you? Life rule

What do your friends have to do otherwise you doubt their loyalty? Life rule

What does it mean if someone does not return your call? Life rule

Why do you hold back on something you would really love in your life? Life rule

What you think when you are not recognised for something? Life rule

Your response when someone appears to be doing better than you? Life rule

Your response if someone is not as tidy as you? Life rule

We have a little narrative for every single possible interaction with others and ourselves – that determines how we experience our life.

And that is ALL you will experience.

You cannot have limitations in place of how things should be and experience it any other way – ever.

These rules become the equivalent of taking a big rubber and rubbing out all other things possible in life until they are no longer visible.

When we let up on these life rules, we can start to see a world that we did not even know was there!

The blinkers come down and we see a life beyond our limitations.

Your life rules will all boil down to one common thing, for me it was either not good enough or not capable, in 100’s of little different narratives.

You will have created them unconsciously to protect yourself during an emotionally intense moment in a past stage of your life, in that moment it would have made perfect sense for you to come to the conclusion you did, but they only serve that one moment, not the rest of your life.

From then on, the conclusion you make will live on replay, constantly shaping your life experience.

My rules were a way to prove to myself that yes, I was in fact not good enough, so all relationships wouldn’t last, new friendships would end in me being left out, and I would be overlooked always, I created rules to almost reinforce and confirm this in my mind.

In my mind I was not good enough. I had decided that during a situation at school where I very vividly remember being different to the others and not in a good way.

And that is key because how we feel about ourselves is unique to us, ask your friends and family to describe you!

It will be nothing like how you describe yourself.

Externally I was getting up and doing the things and achieving but internally I did not see that all I heard was my narrative.

Let go on the need to have rules about everything in life.

Use self-inquiry to get to the root of that one common theme in your life rules and shine the biggest torch on it.

When things are brought to light, they lose their power.

Think of a time when you were lying in bed and terrified thinking someone was in your home, only to turn on the light and see there is nothing there.

Face your life lessons head on and decide if they serve you being a part of your life moving forward.

Less life rules…. More opportunity for choice.

More opportunity for choice…. More chance of bringing joy and purpose into your life!

Tons of love


Leanne MacDonald is a Spiritual Transformation Coach & Author / http://www.leannemacdonaldwellbeing.com

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