By Leanne MacDonald, Spiritual Transformation Coach, Author, Founder of The Everyday Goddess Revolution

Your intuition is not a quiet whisper, it’s a full on brass band affair..

I am smiling as I type this blog today as I am an incredibly intuitive person, we all are – but I am very conscious of my intuition and can read a situation in nanoseconds.

I have had to stop facebook scrolling a long time ago as even seeing photos of people

I have been this way my whole life, even as a child.

BUT – Did I ever follow my intuition…

For years I did not, it was the strangest thing.

I would get this thought – DO NOT DO THAT AT ANY COST and happily proceed with the thing…

Like walking directly into the lion’s den, and of course it always went belly up.

For YEARS I made decisions to pacify and resolve my beliefs, I played a game of trying to prove myself wrong.

Like Jumanji for self-belief!!!!!

I used to think I had smashed one level and felt good again and then some random situation would drop out of the sky to remind me that I had not and there was more ‘work’ to be done…

All the while there was my intuition tap dancing, covered with flashing lights with a marching band behind them trying its best to direct me.

The urge to pacify these beliefs I had were stronger.

That feeling of not being good enough was intense and painful that when an opportunity came for me to prove to myself otherwise, I took it, regardless of what was screaming inside of me.

As I look back at my life now every decision was made because of emotional pain.

An addiction to resolve this emotional pain became the path I chose to take.

I was playing the game with beliefs that were made up.

But they felt so real in the moment.

So real that the emotional wave that came with them was so uncomfortable I just HAD to resist it.

That was the mistake.

Dancing with the illusion.

And it is something we all do as we are human beings!

We all have moments where we are fully immersed in the experience that we cannot see the wood for the trees and instead run around the woods screaming, panicking and waving our arms getting even further lost and deeper into the woods.

When all that is needed is a pause and a question – what direction should I go?

The answer ALWAYS comes and you follow it.

Even if that answer doesn’t make sense.

Even if you do not currently consider yourself to be intuitive, its an innate part of you – you can’t not be intuitive, its who we all are.

We all have inside of us a wisdom that is connected to all things, I am quite tuned into this and am quite an ‘empath’, so I can fully embody another person’s energy and read their current emotional stance in life without a word being spoken.

We are all connected that is how I can do this – and you!

I think another reason that I used to ignore my intuition, it used to share information with me that made me think HELL NO!!

I am not walking into that awkward situation.

I would rather stay here fighting with an imaginary belief about myself thanks!

But the funny thing is, and you will see this for yourself as you start to trust yourself more.

When intuition speaks – its right,

Everything falls into place there after – when you follow it that is!

I have had times when I have had to walk away from situations and I have known this would be the best case scenario and my ego starts to panic, starts to project all of these ‘what if’ scenarios in my mind, starts to anticipate the conflict that turns into a fear of actually following my heart.

But when you do follow your heart it all works out, the times I have followed my heart and have anticipated the biggest fall out, it never came.

Things just worked out.

A massive part of self-inquiry is getting the surface stuff out and then moving into the intuitive part.

This is why I love it so much!

During the day I am so busy just being a human being that I love to spend a morning and evening reminding myself of my actual intuitive, creative and innate power.

Some people are able to wander around in this amazing permanent state of ‘Godness’.

I have four kids, I am self-employed, we are in a pandemic and home-schooling lockdown sitch….

It is a roller coaster, but one I navigate a lot easier because I spend those precious moments tuning in.

Being guided.

Seeing my emotional patterns for what they are and moving beyond them.

Being aware of this ‘created’ self of me – Leanne.

Knowing when I am in my unconscious patterns and when I am in my joy and choosing accordingly.

Tons of love


Spiritual Transformation Coach, Author & Founder of The Everyday Goddess Revolution

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