Welcome to The Everyday Goddess Revolution!!!


So excited that you are here in this community and even more excited for what is to come throughout 2021!

You might be wondering, so what is The Everyday Goddess Revolution??? How did I end up in this group / mailing list / following this page, what is this all about??

OK so my name is Leanne MacDonald, and I am a Spiritual Transformation Coach as well as Founder of The Everyday Goddess Revolution.

The EDGR (honestly its just a little long to keep typing the full name so from now on we shall refer to the project at EDGR) was created late in 2020 after a vision I experienced during a meditation.

I had been planning to create this for some years but in my vision, I could see very clearly that it was time to get moving!

EDGR is an oracle, a font of all knowledge and wisdom for women and teen girls around the world to tap into at any time.

We are also a community – I wanted to create a community where you could come and seek support, guidance, and most importantly be reminded of your own inner Goddess and begin to trust yourself, your ability, remember how worthy you are and start to thrive and feel alive.

We want YOU to open up, awaken and share your wisdom with one another as well as our collective shining their light, guiding you in the right direction when needed.

Something I struggled with for years was seeing value in my own words and then having the courage to share them with others.

EDGR is a platform for EVERYONE as we all carry that innate wisdom inside of us and we all have something to say that can help another woman, a story to share, a pearl of wisdom, a lesson learned.

The ethos of the project is WHEN SLEEPING WOMEN WAKE, MOUNTAINS MOVE, and we are here to move the mountains together!!

So – what can you expect by being part of this community?

We officially launch on 08th March, International Women’s Day with a BANG!

THE SUMMIT – Inside out Facebook group we will be hosting the Goddess Empowerment Summit, a collection of short talks being shared by our wonderful collective, a group of coaches, mentors, and healers from around the world.

THE BOOK – On the same day we also launch our first collaborative book ‘Living Life Goddess Powered’ a book of wisdom and inspiration for all women ready to awaken their confidence, worth, truth and purpose.

There are many many projects in the pipeline being launched throughout the year, all with the intention to raise consciousness, support women to rise into their pure potential, and to move the mountains. – in all areas of your life.


We also want YOU to be a part of this and I encourage you to harness your courage and share your voice in our oracle.

The Oracle is our blog, and we see this as an integral part of our project with a mix of guest posts from our collection, coaches, mentors, healers, and YOU – The Everyday Goddess.

It is time to unravel the stories you have created so far about yourself and your life and recreate them based on the truth of who you are.

You are pure potential, a limitless creator.

If you got this far, thank you!

It is so exciting to be leading this project, but it is very much a community and collaborative effort and I would LOVE you to become a part of this project in some shape or form and help this new wave of awakening women to gain momentum and ripple around the world.

Tons of love to you Goddess

Leanne x

PS – If you would like to submit a guest post to our blog click below and scroll to halfway down the page.

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