By Leanne MacDonald, Spiritual Transformation Coach & Founder of The Everyday Goddess Revolution.

What do you think about when you hear the word brave?

For me it used to conjure up a sense of going to war and facing something difficult.

For a long time, I didn’t feel brave, I didn’t feel that it was not a possibility for me.

Now I would consider myself to be not only brave but to be in fact a fully-fledged warrior with many badges of honour and possibility a cape… actually yes definitely a cape!

Being brave is not what I used to perceive it to be, it’s not about going to battle and facing something difficult – it’s about understanding.

When you have that narrative of – I must be brave – you are responding to the way you have perceived the situation.

This is why some women face things without batting an eye lid and some women are tentative, while some run for cover and hide.

We are all perceiving this life in our own unique way, based on our inner state.

Being brave is not ‘overcoming’ something, it is understanding your emotional response to things and using that to make an empowered decision in life.

If I felt fear I used to retreat, take going live on facebook for example.

I created a narrative in my head that I chose not to go live because I have kids and in case, they interrupted etc

That was a load of rubbish.

I created that narrative to compensate for the overwhelming feeling of – OH MY ACTUAL GOD – whenever I felt like I had to press that little button and go live.

I used that excuse for a long time, I knew I was lying to myself but part of me was buying it, while the other part was rolling their eyes at it all.

Now I go live even when I feel my hands shake pressing the button.

See how I compensated and created a life experience around a perception of

going live on Facebook?

My perception was this – I am ok writing and sharing blogs etc, in fact I love it, it’s a daily ritual for me, I grab a coffee and get my laptop out and I wait for a topic idea to pop into my head then I write what I feel about that topic.

Its emotionally comfortable.

Going live on facebook…. Well what if I freeze, what if the topic doesn’t come, what if someone asks a question I cannot answer, what if people laugh at me, what if I don’t make sense….

That is not emotionally comfortable..

You get the picture!

But the more I told myself that story of how I decided I had chosen not to go live, and I was actually in charge of the whole decision for the good of all (ha!) the brighter a light I shone on my fear of going live until it was built up into a HUGE mountain of a situation!!!

One day the eye rolling part of me grabbed the reins for a short while and had a stern word.

It’s not fear.

It’s just not normal for you and your current perception is based on a past experience of going live – and the first time I went live it was a disaster.

So, my narrative from then on was – if I go live on facebook it will be a disaster.

I didn’t have to be brave, I had to just take a moment to understand where my ‘story’ was coming from.

The past.

So of course, taking action against that narrative would cause a little spark of friction, until the action itself of going live became normal.

My unconscious now welcomes the opportunity to go live – because its tried it and tested it and it has a new memory of the outcome…..

Being brave is simply knowing your emotions are showing you a projection of where your perception set point is at in that moment and then making a choice to either proceed, knowing you will be creating new normal and it might be emotionally uncomfortable for a short while, or retreat and live forever within that limited space of past experiences only….

Tons of love


Leanne MacDonald, Spiritual Transformation Coach & Founder, The Everyday Goddess Revolution.

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