By Leanne MacDonald, Spiritual Transformation Coach & Founder, The Everyday Goddess Revolution.

Ok so I have helped over 50 entrepreneurs become published in either a collaborative book or their own stand-alone book and this I why I am so invested in supporting people to share their wisdom through the written word.

It is so easy now to become an author, to have your words in printed books for sale around the world. It is so easy I genuinely do not know why more people don’t so this.

At the Everyday Goddess Revolution, we are committed to creating resources that raise the collective consciousness and we have some super exciting book projects planned to launch over the next 24 months and beyond.

It is something that I am so passionate about, to the point where, as I type now my heart is literally pounding, I want people to realise the value of their words, to see the magnificent role their wisdom plays in the rising of others on this planet.

You are the oracle, We are the oracle.

When we share our heart we directly touch and inspire another heart, who guess what?! well, they go on to touch and inspire another heart and so the chain is created.

The wave of magic that flows from awakening the wisdom from within, passing from one person to the next.

You see people read a book and literally come alive.

Photo by Uriel Mont on Pexels.com

Something sparks inside of them, they remember something, they have awoken the Goddess (or god) within!

I have been personally moved to the point of life transformative by reading the words of another and what I want to create is a movement of everyday people seeing the value in their wisdom within and encouraging them to courageously step up and share it.

We live in our heads, we function in our heads and the process of writing and being in that creative flow takes you beyond that place, it takes you to your truth.

A wonderful perceptionless place where all and everything is possible!

I love the process of birthing a book, it is a journey and experience I will never grow tired of.

Books bring people together, the begin conversations they create opportunities, they shift perception and facilitate awakening.

The process of building the book chapter by chapter, collaborating with the energy of others, seeing them in their creative flow, receiving the reviews and then actually holding the creation in my hand, knowing I played a part in bringing it to life.

I remember when I first voyaged down the road of bringing people together to create a published book, I learned every lesson I know now about publishing, I jumped into the process feeling sure that it would all flow and it all went wrong, it was the steepest learning curve ever and one that I am so grateful for because I got everything wrong the first time round and set off to find better ways, and I did.

The experience almost put me off for life, but gladly that whisper within my soul kept on coming and I decided to use the situation to my advantage and learn everything I could about publishing a book.

My motto in life is where there is a will there is a way and we should aim for progress not perfection so even when you think you are fully prepared you are not, just like I wasn’t my first time round doing it alone, but it provided me the much needed lessons to be able to learn in preparation with launching my amazing world wide mission and growing it to be the number one ‘go to’ source of spiritual inspiration resources for women and teen girls.

From a practical perspective, a book is the perfect way to begin a relationship with potential clients, to give them a taste of who you are and what you are about.

It is the perfect way to release that creative flow that is desperate to come out, it is the perfect way to realise how far you have come, I am always amazed when I write down my life’s adventures just how resilient I was in the difficult moments, I see myself in a new light and I know the reader will relate and see themselves in a new light also.

Another thing to remember, it doesn’t have to be perfectly written, essays at school have to follow the rules, you pouring your heart out, well that is a different matter, share your words authentically in your own voice and in your own way, no rules apply.

What have you triumphed that someone right now might only be at the beginning of that journey? What might you say to that person, so their passage is more comfortable?

What are you passionate about? Who do you help? What might they need to read to find motivation and purpose in life?

If you are inspiring women or teen girls, I would love to help you bring your words to life in a published book under the umbrella of The Everyday Goddess or you could join one of our wonderful collaborative writing projects launching this year.

If you have had the niggle to publish a book, then reach out and let’s do this! Contact me Leanne@leannemacdonaldwellbeing.com

So in answer to your quandary – Should you self-publish? Absolutely yes!

Tons of love


Leanne MacDonald – Founder, The Everyday Goddess Revolution

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