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By Buckso Dhillon, Spiritual Coach Practitioner and Actor

Photo by Evie Shaffer on Pexels.com

Love and greetings to ALL you Diamonds in the rough

Yes that’s right, YOU! This is why we’re ALL here and I came to realise this for myself last year. After my dad passed away in January 2020, I was left with SO many questions. We hadn’t had a great relationship and so, it made things worse in that, I couldn’t make sense as to WHY I was SO affected by his passing?

I mean, id always been what you’d call “quite spiritual” having been that gal who started seeing psychics from the age of 20 but for some reason, after dad passed, i was met with this cavern of questions!

The main one being, WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING HERE, IN.THIS.LIFE? What am I ACTUALLY meant to be doing cos, the way i saw it, my pops came here when he was 17 from India married mum, went on to have kids, whilst also working his bits off, till he was 74 and then died. I mean.come ON! is that IT?? IS that all we are here to do? It just wasn’t good enough for me and so, I started to really ponder this ONE repeating thought.

Did you know, they only need 1g of carbon from a loved one’s ashes, to create a diamond? Yeah, i know right? Folks like to do this as a way of remembering their loved one and keeping them close.

But MY thoughts were, “oh yeah lovely, make a nice diamond necklace from the ashes but, WHY do we have to DIE in order to (metaphorically) reveal the diamond that’s obviously IN us? Why aren’t we living life in all our TRUE brilliance, revealing ALL those many facets of ourselves that show the world just how BRILLIANT we truly are? Why ARE we SO prepared to take this most precious aspect of us, to the grave? It’s our God given right to live a life FULL of all the beautiful things available to us and therefore our DUTY, to ensure we show our gratitude and appreciation at being given the best job in the universe. A LIFE! So how WILL we show this gratitude etc?

The mere fact its a miracle we are born should be enough for us to want to live the BEST life we possibly can and so I realised, in that moment, Id decided to make it my “thing” to help others UNEARTH the diamond within and live their life IN purpose and as the true ESSENCE of who. they. are.

So THERES the proof, its IN us all along but, why do we need to die, in order to reveal it to the world hmm? Its sacrilege, right? The mission i have now in life, is to unearth the diamond in ALL of us. We deserve to shine BRIGHT and reveal the many facets we have, so that we can really be in harmony with our heart and souls’ desire.
So if YOU know, deep down, there’s WAY more to you than is currently presenting and you WANT to leave your legacy in this world but aren’t sure of how to do this, just reach out because…

Its ALL about the diamond in YOU…

Buckso is a Spiritual Coach/Practitioner & Actor, getting into the latter quite late in life just over a decade ago. Through her life she has acquired a myriad of skills that serves those individuals who have dreams, ambitions and desires of their own, whatever line of work they’re in. Those looking for direction and support that may be missing for them for various reasons such as an unsupportive network, friends, family and social circles or a lack of direction. Spirituality has played a big part in Buckso’s life and shes been on her own quest for the last 30 years, knowing there was more to this existence than met the eye. Through her various trainings in different healing modalities and teachings, Buckso brings a whole other dimension to the work she does with her clients which includes Quantum Healing, Reiki, Access Bars, Sound Therapy and living life through universal laws in order to help “unearth your purpose” and so much more!
Her love for Acting hasn’t waned and she hopes to continue bringing light to the Industry, with her contributions within the entertainment arena.
Buckso grew up with her dreams and ambitions unsupported and discouraged by everyone around her so, she went through the last 30yrs focusing solely on her goals, encountering her fair share of trials and tribulations along the way! The biggest lesson to date came after the passing of her father, in January 2020. This brought about an awakening that led to a “downloading” of her latest life lesson, “Unearthing the Diamond Within”.
Buckso is now on a mission to share her wisdom and teachings, to inspire, motivate and encourage women ALL over the world, to embrace their TRUE essence, find their voice and ALWAYS live and speak, THEIR truth!

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