The scariest thing for me when I woke up to the truth that I am in fact an incredible limitless, all-powerful creator, as are you… was trust and faith.

Trusting that this was in fact true.

I could feel it, I could see it in my mind, but could it be true?

Could I consciously shift the direction of my life by just being me?

Could I surrender to the possible idea that I was limitless pure potential?

There are many immutable Universal laws at play, working all around us regardless of our awareness of them or not.

The Law of Pure Potential states that at our core we are infinite, a blank canvas, where all of life is possible for us and as this life evolves that evolution and growth is ours too.

Limitless potential, but for the beliefs we hold in mind.

It was hard for my brain to comprehend that I could be anything other than who I was, but my higher self knew otherwise and kept on guiding to explore this.

I am able to turn formless into form, little old me!

And we do this by guiding this formless energy into a physical reality through the thoughts and beliefs we hold about life.

That statement alone should blow your mind.

Imagine a projector, it works when it’s plugged into electricity, it comes to life and shines a light brightly onto a slide, projecting a perfect image of that slide out into the world.

You are the projector.

The electricity is infinite potential.

Your beliefs and thoughts are the slides.

Let that sink in for a moment if you will.

Think about what is on your slides right now?

What if the outer projection of your slides, that’s the biggest clue into what your thoughts and beliefs about life are.

It was easier for my brain to comprehend how I had created life thus far, rather than have that immediate trust and faith that I could create actual things I wanted in life as this limitless pure potential being!

I could lean in and trust that as I had evidence in my mind that it had happened.

I could get behind the fact my beliefs in those situations created the outcome, because I lived it.

Shifting into that empowered state of knowing I could create anything came when I moved house two years ago.

As my mentor Dr Erin says, all of life is for our awakening, and in the moment of moving house I could see truth.

I was living in a seven-bedroom house with acres of land in the middle of the most blissful setting, that I had to move from because my financial situation took a tumble. Looking back even that financial tumble was Divine intervention.

I had four children and no home options to move into. One morning I felt the urge to take the children on a drive to a beach I used to go to with my parents and grandparents, two hours from where we lived.

I felt that if I went there that day my grandmother, who had passed, would help me, guide me, to find a solution.

We spent a few hours on the beach and as we drove home, I was so resistant to going home and facing life I took a detour through the village I now live.

We drove past a street of houses tucked away, looking out onto a church and green field and I pulled over and declared right there in my mind, I will live here.

Driving home I thought about nothing else, I was consciously reminding myself that EVERYTHING is possible for me, in a way trying to convince my mind to see what my higher self already saw.

To cut a long story short I got the house, against a lot of odds, I got it and we moved in, and that house became the significant stepping-stone to my awakening.

I created this house.


On paper I shouldn’t have this house, but still, we live in it, and it is mine.

I signed the paperwork feeling as if I were having an out of body experience, I didn’t meet any of the criteria to live in this home, yet here I was being handed the keys.

From that moment I have been cultivating my lens of life.

Consciously choosing what I see moving forward and making amends with what I have created in the past.

What if all of life was your awakening?

What is what you have created so far and are currently creating was for your growth, to grow in consciousness?

What if you looked at life from the perspective of at any given moment you can return to that formless energy and recreate something new?

And you can do this as many times as you wish in life?

There is always the choice.

What are you choosing for your life today?

Today I am creating a new home, this one was a saviour for us but our forever home is ready for us to move into.

And I created that too!

Tons of love

Leanne x

Leanne MacDonald, Spiritual Coach & Practitioner, Founder of The Everyday Goddess Revolution, Founder of She Speaks Talk Radio, Published Author and Mum of Four

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