So I did a thing, and I am currently facing the great wall of fire!!

The imposter syndrome is REAL.

And I want to share this with you because it is so important to understand, and something I didn’t for so long.

The journey of consciously creating life is never ending, and patterns and beliefs you have created in childhood NEVER GO AWAY.

So at the moment my childhood beliefs of you are not good enough, you are not capable, people will not believe in your, are all wildly playing out in my mind right now, and my body is responding with absolute accuracy – as it does – and the emotional flow running through me right now is full on.

The thing I did…. I invested in a radio show, a worldwide live radio show, that will involve in me managing over 20 incredible show hosts, planning the content, managing the distribution, and creating live events around the world – all because I have a passion burning inside of me to create a platform for women to speak their truth.

She Speaks Talk Radio launches in November and we have almost completed the line-up of incredible hosts.

When the inspiration for this came to me in a meditation, I felt a HUGE hell yes surge through me.

I was ALL IN and couldn’t wait to start exploring options.

The creative planning aspect is my ultimate JAM, its is my superpower, I thrive on creation.

And then it happened….. my brain caught up with the plans and slammed on the breaks.

It concluded its risk assessment of my plans and decided that NO, it was not a good idea.


Well because you are not good enough.

You are not capable.

No one will buy into you….

You know, all of those juicy beliefs that up until a few years ago had been running the show.

I’m sharing this with you for a reason, old me would have slammed the breaks on, me right now has gratitude for the life I have created so far, is connected to my soul’s truth and knows that I MUST complete this project for I have been guided towards it and so far, it is all falling into place like butter.

This radio show already exists in mind, its already done, it is already happening in the quantum field, and all I have to do is be the vehicle to bring it into physical existence.

Your beliefs, even when you do the work, are ingrained in you.

The shift happens in your awareness of them.

Then you pivot into a conscious state of choice, rather than living in an unconscious state of being led by the programming of your mind.

Decision is how you quantum leap from one state of being to the next, regardless of how you feel.

For SOOOOO many years I tried to banish beliefs, get rid of them, resist them.

It doesn’t work that way, our beliefs are stored, along with all of our past life beliefs, but when we know what’s stored in the memory bank we awaken to our truth and life shifts.

So here I am, sitting in my pyjamas creating radio schedules, knowing that everything I need will be shown to me and everyone who is meant to be a part of this project will gravitate to me, and all of the people who need to listen to the shows will tune in.

What are you shelving because the imposter syndrome is overwhelming?

How else can you look at what emotions are coming up for you when you contemplate doing something outside of your comfort zone?

What opportunities for growth are there?

If I can do it, you can do it.

So do the thing, even if, like me, you feel terrified.

If something makes you zing when you initially think about it, its yours to have.

Have an amazing day

Tons of love

Leanne x

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