In the words of the awesome Wayne Dyer, you manifest who you are, not what you desire.

Let that sink in, you manifest WHO you are, not what you desire.

So, who are you right now in this moment?

Conscious creation begins with the inner work, the trauma healing.

Without the inner work all we are, are the unconscious beliefs we live life by.

The deep-rooted core beliefs, the I am not worthy’s and I am not good enough’s.

We can create all of the vision boards in the world, but if our inner world does not reflect the outer world we wish to create, it simply won’t happen.

This was my life for years, I wrote myself cheques from the bank of the Universe, I burnt my wishes under the moon, I created vision boards……

Conscious creation is a balancing act of the inner work and action.

It is a restoration of our truth, of our true identity, of LOVE!

I see a lot of people taking action, and they will of course get a result, but eventually a situation will crop up in their life that is aligned with their inner programming of unresolved trauma, and they will be back at square one again.

This was also me at one time.

Planning and trying to action my way out of my current life situations.

Of course, I came full circle back to square one ready to try and shift my life once again.

My core programming was:

I am not worthy

I am not deserving

I am not good enough.

Sprinkled in with a little bit of:

Success means people will see through me

You are a great dog’s body for another but not a leader

People will not believe in you.

I mean that’s just a hand full I could write a full book about all of my programming haha and it is still there, but through doing my trauma work I have shifted from living in an unconscious state of being into an empowered state of being, stepping into the identity of who I want to be in this life time.

An incredible mother.

A powerful leader.

A change maker.

A shining light for others.

Spreading love.

Living in my authentic truth.

Feeling free and having peace of mind.

Inspiring other women to explore their own stories and shift into their true identity.

Consciously creating my life.

Your beliefs are not wrong, and you are not broken, it is simply how we work as human beings.

We have to have a point of reference in which to navigate life, but sometimes we need to just check what that point of reference is and then choose if its working or if we need to rethink it.

Trauma healing works by neutralising the emotional charge around the moments in life where we have created all of the points of reference to how life works.

Our subconscious speaks in emotion, so it creates an experience based upon what programming holds the strongest emotional charge.

So, when we neutralise the emotion around trauma, we can consciously create a life through visualisation and feeling into the emotion of that life being real.

Trauma work is the missing link in manifesting a life you are choosing.

It is the back door to the life you want.

I have been training with Dr Erin and Soulciete for a while now, I am currently working through their Practitioner Programme, after completing their Coaching Certification and the reason I am so passionate about the work Dr Erin created is the rapid change and transformation I experienced personally and the people I work with experience – all through a simple trauma healing process called E4 Trauma Method.

The process is like clearing out a dirty fish tank, you remove all of the gross minging particles to reveal beautiful clear and clean water – all things can be seen in that clarity, all is possible.

You are cleaning out your subconscious mind and then choosing what you would like to refill it with, knowing that will become the outcome and experience of life.

It’s a big deal!

If you would like to experience E4 Trauma pop me an email

Tons of love

Leanne x

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