Living Life Goddess Powered Masterclass!


Join us for our 12-day masterclass on beginning to awaken to your confidence, worth, and truth and ultimately living life Goddess powered!

What is living life Goddess Powered?

Living a life that is connected, intuitive, creative, fearless, confident, powerful, balanced, knowing, expansive and fun!

Each day for 12 days we will be sharing with you the wisdom we have embodied in our life that allow us to live life Goddess powered.

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You will explore –

Connecting to the Divine within – with Soul Coach Yolandi Boshoff

Staying rooted when your soul soars – with Soul-Led Therapist Ceryn Rowntree

Creating heaven here on earth and consciously setting your intentions – with Intuitive Mindset Coach Iona Russell

Recognising your intuition and opening your third eye – with Spiritual Coach Wendy Dixon

Understanding the energy behind your emotions – with Energy Practitioner Jena Robinson

How to set boundaries and say no in life – with Holistic Therapist Amy Whistance

Unravel your money story and step into empowered finances – with Master Life Reinvention Coach Judy Prokopiak

Loving yourself so much that you trust yourself to know the right decisions and actions to take – with Goddess of Self Love Inifinit Jones

Choosing life on your terms with a subconscious prosperity mantra & affirmation work – with Wealth & Confidence Coach Tierra Womack

Unmuting the Goddess within, invoking her messages – with Intuitive Therapist Shveta S

Recognising that ‘happiness’ is an inside job – with Happiness Coach Helen Bartram

Creating a union with your inner Goddes – with Holistic Therapist Lisa Viccars

You will also recieve a workbook journal to explore and record the insights and new consciousness that begins to open up for you as you follow the masterclass each day.

This is ABSOLUTELY for you if:

  • You have that feeling that there is more to life.
  • You are ready to consciously create change in your life.
  • You are ready to understand and break the belief cycles.
  • You are ready to explore who you are and how you work, and to feel empowered again in life.
  • You want to develop your connection to soul.
  • You want to live aligned with your truth and intuitive guidance.
  • You are ready to stand in your power.
  • You are ready to live life Goddess powered.

How it will work:

  • Sign up to participate in the masterclass using the link below.
  • On the 31st March you will recieve via email your workbook for the 12-day masterclass.
  • Each day from the 01st April an email will be sent to you with either a short video or audio, or both, for you to listen to.
  • Follow the prompts in the workbook after you have listened to each mini training and enjoy awakening the Goddess within!
  • For extra accountability you can share your thoughts and insights each day within our private facebook community.
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