Living Life Goddess Powered

Get ready to live life Goddess powered!

We are delighted to launch ‘Living Life Goddess Powered’.

A collection of wisdom infused stories by spiritual leaders from around the world.

When sleeping women wake, mountains move was the proverb that inspired this book, and it was created with the intention to encourage women to live life aligned with their truth and the knowledge to reclaim and own their power.

After you order the book make sure you access the bonuses, $2000 worth of coaching, workshops and resources!

Meet the co-authors

Reviews for the book

‘I just read Julie’s chapter with my morning coffee and it lifted my spirit. I could feel her message in my heart. Julie’s chapter about our inner beliefs that keep us from our true power is personal- and yet universally true… My heart resonated fully and I realise; this was the best starting point for my day. As I am on my own journey of learning to recognise choices over the meanings I make, I have realised how much my life has transformed. I didn’t used to believe I was enough. Learning it was up to me whether I believe I can shine as who I really am, was life changing. I only wish every girl and woman could read this book and learn about their power to create their reality and thrive as beautiful Goddesses who they really are…without apologises. If every woman, starting from today, would dare to shine and love fearlessly- what would that mean to our world?! I will recommend this book to all my friends and know it will make a perfect present for many who I love dearly too. Thank you so much for writing this! – Satu

‘Reading this touched me to my soul. It stirred so much of my own life’s story, the self-limiting beliefs & innocent misunderstandings. It made me realise how much of a story I have lived in because of the thoughts in my head, a story that has held me hostage & stopped me from being all that I am. I felt emotional & truly inspired by these wonderful women’s words that felt like liberation & freedom. Women are incredible & there is so much power in helping others by sharing such gems, the insights & lessons we’ve learnt. I thank you all for showing up like you have for each and every one of us’ – Lee

‘This is a culmination of stories by Courageous Women unafraid to share, so other Women can live their Goddess life.The last chapter written by Editor Penny Thresher. Gives a wonderful descriptive insight into her own life’s experiences. Her recollections show how sensitively she was able to engaged with the women in this book and their stories.
Not only a great read but their is a bounty of references to knowledge and support’ – Allison

‘Loved reading the voices of many women, a wise and empowering read that left me energised and feeling ready to take on the world’ – Amazon review

‘I couldn’t put this book down – I loved each and every chapter. After a particularly trying year, it’s nice to read something so inspiring and uplifting. Each perspective is so different and insightful – I felt a connection with each an everyone featured within. Ideal for anyone needing a sprinkle of magic and a touch of realness in their life’ – Sarah

‘In her chapter “Goddess, Who me?”, Coach Judy does an amazing job helping us women recognize the misinformation constantly fed to us by others and in our own heads…and then gives such great direction on what to do about it! Being my own worse enemy on a regular basis, I found her tips so relevant and incredibly helpful! There is great wisdom here’ – Liz Osborn, Biz Bolster Solutions

‘Jena Robinson is the voice you didn’t know you’ve been looking for. Her narrative chronicling her journey from a voiceless child to an empowered goddess goes beyond the scope of a short biography and into an exploration of how we can all overcome the challenges holding us back. Covering an extensive amount of ground in a short sum of words, her piece describes points of conflict in her life, illuminates how she identified emotional patterns, tracks her discovery and implementation of eclectic healing approaches, and offers pointed empowerment advice for the audience. The narrative transcends her singular story and resonates with all women who will see themselves in her words. There is a deeply personal and magnificently inspiring feel in the way she captures her journey of realizing her ability to change her reality and help those around her do the same. Her language is ethereal, encouraging, and filled with the love, empathy, and positivity that she radiates as a fully actualized goddess. Jena Robinson’s intimate, engaging, and inspiring narrative has many lessons to be discovered in it; I encourage everyone to read it’ – Brittanny Petrilli, Artist & Teacher

‘Randi’s chapter was moving, beautifully written and expressive. Reading her story made me realize behaviors to be aware of and that we can always heal from negative experiences. Sharing our journey with others allows us to be the light for other women. Thank you Randi for being courageous’ – Henn Reinke, Strategic Business Coach

‘Coach Judy is the real deal! Her honesty and personal story provide so much authenticity and insight into the power of belief and the need for this work in the world. She is a gifted coach and her words reflect the journey of what it takes to step into your goddess self!’ – Renae Peterson, Teen Empowerment & leadership coach

‘Lisa has beautifully written a vulnerable, yet powerful, chapter that takes you on her heart breaking journey. To begin with you want to reach out and hold her in your arms and by the end you want to throw your arms up into the air and shout, ‘Yes! You go girl!’. Many women will resonate with the challenges that Lisa has faced and will feel inspired by her determination and inner strength to get back up time and time again. Thank you for standing in your soul power and for bravely sharing your story’

‘Reading this felt like a bowl of warm chicken soup. I felt at home, held. Yes I got the warm and fuzzies, but it also had depth in that it also warned me of the inevitable shadows that can accompany spiritual work. It was as if the author already saw around all of life’s corners, and gently lead me through a path of self curiosity. Sometimes being alone with ourselves is hard. Very rarely is that reflected back to us in our modern society. This reading gave be permission to not only take time for myself and luxuriate in it – but also prepared me for what may come up during said alone time. Old wounds, trauma, monsters. However I felt encouraged to continue to seek out grounding, and to seek out “me time”, because it’s there that I will truly find the “me” that shines so brightly as the author described. Again, it felt like a bowl of warm soup, and good conversation from a wise friend.  -Sarah Lambert

‘This IS a truly inspirational story . . Of how an individual can start off in life surrounded by negativity, lost in life’s journey . . And how various difficulties engrained through out the formative years of childhood and adolescence can perpetuate through and manifest in adult experiences and behaviour. Responses and behaviour in adult hood that become a repetitive cycle in later life, a common occurrence in any people’s lives.
However, Wendy’s determination to over come her issues did not become obvious until she had begun her spiritual journey . . Her culmination of her experience as an experienced medium, life coach, and counsellor has brought her to the path that she is now leading . . A fulfilling and purposeful life based upon her trust in her spirit guides and her growing confidence in her intuition. The power of intuition and the innate ability that is re awakened when an individuals open up to it is a powerful Sense that Wendy gently, but openly shares in an extremely heartening and accessible manner. . .A powerful example of the journey from darkness into the light that has made her the encouraging and dynamic person she is today, who is finally fulfilling her true purpose in life’ – Karen Innes

‘Shveta your passion for helping women break free from oppressive circumstances and outdated perspectives warms my heart. I adore how you share your own transformation and show up as a living example of what you can help them achieve. You practice what you preach. Finding your voice is inspirational to say the least. Keep making a difference’ – Toni

‘Reading Ceryn’s chapter really touched and ignited something within myself. Ceryn’s grounded connected approach to awakening the divine goddess within shares so much truth and realness, speaking directly to the heart and soul of the divine within. A really beautiful inspiring piece that holds a powerful message everyone should read’ – Rachel Morley

‘I really enjoyed the insights Charlie provides on Fear. It gave me a chance to link the dots between my fear and the past experiences of where it has stemmed from. A really encouraging and thought provoking piece to read’ – Rachel Morley

‘Wow! This chapter explained myself and so many others down to a “T”. This life is meant to teach us and grow us and the only way to do that is to allow yourself to heal. This chapter beautifully walks you through how to do that’ – Tina Encarnacion

‘The chapter by Karli Kershaw hit home for me in so many ways. Her story made me realize I am not alone in staying in a relationship hoping, wishing, and waiting that things would get “better”. It gave me some validation that I am not the only one that has been stuck in a toxic pattern. As the chapter progressed it gave me confidence that “I am enough” and the right person will love me as I will love him. That he is out there and worth the wait. Truer words have not been spoken that the most important relationship is the relationship with yourslef. After reading this chapter I am choosing me and loving myself first. Through my unbecoming, like Karli, I will set clear core values and standards for my next relationship.
This chapter brought to light that our childhood, parent’s love and environment impacts our future relationships and before that part of the brain is healed and the truth is spoken we will not be ready to chose the healthies relationship we deserve. It is important that old wounds are healed to build new relationships. After reading this chapter, I will take ownership for my life, love myself first, and make my wants a reality. In addition, Karli’s story is so relatable to me and gives me encouragement and empowerment that I can pick ME, love ME, and look within for the answers. I will move forward by trusting my intuition rather than look outward for validation. Karli’s story is a good example that once you start to cherish your life and relationship with yourself you will attract the man that loves and adores you while meeting your standards because it all begins with you choosing you!’
~ Lauren Murray

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