Are you ready to consciously awaken your everyday Goddess??

We have created something extraordinarily special for you.

14 Weeks / 14 Coaches

It is time to reclaim yourself!

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The whole mission of The Everyday Goddess Revolution is to awaken women around the world to their true magical state of being.

Our hearts intention is for women to embrace and accept who they are, for women to live courageously, listening to their heart and soul and creating a life they love living in.

Why do we have this intention? Well founder Leanne MacDonald created this project because for years and years she lived life in the shadow of her emotions, limiting beliefs, and utterly controlled by external circumstances.

She felt like life was like trudging through cement, hard and slow, mentally draining, tiring, and felling like she was going nowhere fast. Feeling like life was happening to her not for her and living in a state of dissatisfaction and frustration. Low mood states dominated her mind and the energy of her state of being reflected in the life she was manifesting. Conflict, drama, anxiety, worry, stress, overwhelm.

She knew deep inside that there was more to life and to herself, but the fear of venturing in that direction kept her living in this cycle of life that brought her to her breaking point.

Then she woke up.

She woke up to her Goddess power.

And we have created this membership so you can wake up to your Goddess power.

What we will share in the ‘Awakening Your Everyday Goddess Programme’ are the exact processes the spiritual leaders contributing to this membership have followed to awaken their own Goddess power.

Awakening Your Everyday Goddess Programme

You will explore:

  • Recognise and release the limiting beliefs created in your sleeping state that no longer serve you – with Master Life Reinvention Coach Judy Prokopiak
  • Explore past lives and how this is impacting this lifetime – with Soul Coach Yolandi Boshoff
  • Self sabotage and healing the inner child – with Intuitive Coach Iona Russell
  • Release shame and guilt – with Holistic Therapist Amy Whistance
  • Release supressed emotions and understanding the energy behind your emotional experiences – with Energy Practitioner Jena Robinson
  • Trusting your intuition and guidance – with Spiritual Coach Wendy Dixon
  • Fully accepting yourself – with Holistic Therapist Lisa Viccars
  • Align with your true Goddess identity – with Soul Led Therapist Ceryn Rowntree
  • Experiencing more joy and happiness – with Happiness Coach Helen Bartram
  • Taking back your power – with Spiritual Coach Leanne MacDonald
  • Get clarity on what is being shown to you, uncover your passions and mission – with Intuitive Therapist Shveta S
  • Shifting your money story – with Confidence & Wealth Coach Tierra Womack
  • Radical Self Love – with Goddess of Love Infiniti Jones
  • Visioning, vision boards, manifesting your dream life – with Spiritual Coach Emma Halley

You will become THE most self-aware and empowered Goddess!

When we know thy self, we move mountains.

In the programme you will explore and understand how you work, the nature of your human experience and how your Goddess power supports you to create powerfully a life and experiences you love.

You will also see how trauma has impacted your experience so far and how to see your past from a new and less emotionally painful perspective.

This programme is ABSOLUTELY for you if:

  • You are fed up with being held back in life.
  • You are ready to let go of the past.
  • You fear change and don’t know where to start.
  • You know and sense that there is something far greater in life for you.
  • Your intuition is guiding you to explore more about who you are.
  • You are sick of the emotional overwhelm.
  • You want to break the cycle of your limiting beliefs, the thoughts and fears that keep you stuck in this cycle.
  • You are dissatisfied with your life circumstances.
  • You want to awaken and explore your spirituality.
  • You want to open up to source and soul and download your guidance.
  • You want to manifest a life you love being a part of.
  • You want to feel empowered.
  • You want to live life Goddess powered
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How it all works:

You will be guided by not one but 14 incredible coaches!!

  • Each week one of our incredible coaches will walk you through the steps of awakening your everyday goddess in a LIVE 45 min workshop.
  • The workshops will come with a workbook so you can implement and embody the teachings.
  • You will be given access to a member only area where you can ask questions and find support and meet other women who are also part of the programme.

The programme will run for 14 weeks, each week you will explore a new topic with a different coach, sharing their expertise and teachings.


The programme is usually £515, BUT we have created a special launch offer for a limited number of 222 places.

You can join today for only £257!!!

An amazing 50% OFF the normal price!!!

Terms & Conditions of the offer:

When the 222 places at £257 all go the price will increase to its normal cost of £515 so act fast to secure your space at the lower rate!

It is so important that we bring something incredibly impactful and transformational to the table, accessible for all women.

We want YOU to live life Goddess powered, feeling empowered, limitless, and free.

When sleeping women wake mountains move and this programme is the starting point to moving those mountains.

Meet your coaches:

Are you ready to –

Break the cycle of you limiting beliefs?

Reconnect to your soul and soul’s wisdom?

Feel empowered around your emotions?

Loose the fear of following your heart?

Accept yourself completely, embracing every part of yourself?

Let go of the past and no longer allow it to define you?

Live life with more love and joy?

Live life Goddess powered?

You can join today for only £257

An amazing 50% OFF the normal price!!!

Terms & Conditions of the offer:

When the 222 places at £257 all go the price will increase to its normal cost of £515 so act fast to secure your space at the lower rate!


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